Lovely day…I get the charcoal going for the smoker…

WE have a bit of a lie in and then a lazy breakfast.

I’d been hoping to stain/paint the smoker/grill shelter today but although it’s a beautiful clear day, it’s also -5° and there’s a thick layer of frost over the wood. Gonna have to wait for a warmer day!

Matty heads off just after midday and I get the smoker ready for the bacon-wrapped pork loin I prepared last night. Clear, blue skies, so no need for the shelter…anyway, I’ve still to order the roof materials.

Once the charcoal’s lit, I search online for a supplier of corrugated bitumen roofing sheets… most places require a minimum order. My search reveals that not only is Wickes the only non-trade supplier, but they have a 30%-off offer. Nice. I consider driving to Stirling to pick it up, but it’s gonna be tight in our car and I don’t really want to be having to tie the tailgate down.

They offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount. I’m surprised that the next available delivery slot isn’t ’til Friday (15 Dec) but hey-ho…I settle for that and place the order.

With the pork on the smoker I pack up some online merch orders to go to the post office tomorrow (Monday), chop some wood and start printing off Christmas card lists and address labels.

I use the photo I took of Will’s art glass paperweight and put together a ‘coming soon’ page on his  domain at

We suggested to Betty and Joe that we take some pork along to theirs for dinner later…the food’s ready in good time despite the sub-zero temperatures and we have an ice relaxing evening with our pals and exercise some will power to be home for a relatively early night.