A CALL from the Wickes delivery driver at 8am let’s me know he’s 45 minutes away.

It’s pouring rain, but just as they arrive the rain stops, so I get all the stuff unloaded without getting soaked 🙂

After checking through all the stuff I tidy up round the back. Too cold and wet today (and probably tomorrow too) to paint/stain the wood – and I wanna do that before putting the roof on.

I’ve a bunch of stuff to do for my pal Rab’s website – he’s gonna be making a bunch of demos he recorded in 1967 available for a limited period – think it’s to go live on Friday, so I wanna have everything signed of and ready to roll.

There’s a load of tidying up and small jobs to be done then I head into the house and start a big pot of black bean soup.

There’s a lull in the rain so I sand down a bit of wood for a sign I wanna make for the smoker/grill shelter then put on a base coat then get on with some more work while it dries.

While Margaret gets the Christmas tree up I start sketching out the lettering for my wooden sign…it’s a bit rough, but I don;t mind if it looks a bit…erm..rustic.

When I go indoors the fire’s on and Margaret’s still busy with the decorations. I make dinner and we have a relaxing evening and another early night. It’s cold and dark outside!