I don’t mind grilling in the winter…it might be cold, but there’s no midges!!

FREEZING cold – and the ground between our house and the studio – and even out the back between the house and the office – is like a skating rink. Really, really icy and slippery.

There’s a few tasks to be done while I wait for the sun to come round the back and raise the temperature a bit before I start painting/staining the smoker/grill/BBQ shelter. I wanna get it done before I start putting the roof on.

I realise there’s only half a tin of Sadolin which might not be enough to finish the job so I tackle the main beams first – not only will that give them some time to dry before I start to put on the roof, but it means the lower reaches of the posts can be done later. 

Margaret’s in Glasgow. I call her and ask her to pick up a wee tin of Sadolin.

Meantime, the sun’s out, but the sheet of ice up our driveway’s showing no sign of melting – or even receding. I take the wheelbarrow and a shovel to the nearest grit/salt bin and spread grit over the worst parts of our driveway.

I make a start on fixing the corrugated bitumen sheeting to the shelter. It’s bluddy cold – and a tricky job – but I manage to get about two-thirds of it done before calling it a day. It’s getting too dark and cold and hitting myself on the fingers with the hammer for the fifth time and not even feeling it tells me it’s time to stop!

In the office I re-schedule a few things from the to-do list that I’d hoped to get done today then go into the house and light the fire.

I’m not done outside tho’ – gonna throw some burgers on the grill for dinner. Despite the cold, it’s still a   quicker, easier and much more tasty way to cook the burgers.

We eat in front of the telly and then chill for the rest of the night…I fall asleep on the couch until Margaret wakes me and tells me it’s time for bed.