Finished! The smoker/grill shelter all done..except a tiny bit of roofing which I’ll get tomorrow…

BLUDDY cold this morning…but I’m determined to get the smoker/grilling shelter finished today.

First, though, I have some work in the office to do. After umpteen ‘not enough disk space to import image’ and ‘out of memory’ messages I finally crack and go onto Amazon and order a 500gb internal SSD (solid state drive) to replace the currently full 250gb SSD drive. At £137.99 it’\s a good buy..check oi out here.

While I’m at it it I order an SSD caddy – first top put the new drive in so I can format it and clone the internal drive before installing it and second to put the current internal drive in so i can use it as an external drive. A decent ‘tool-less’ enclosure is just £11.99 – it;s on Amazon here.

Should all come tomorrow (Sunday) and I can get it all sorted out ASAP to ease the frustration!

There’s only four more roofing sheets to  install and a wee bit of painting. Just waiting on a delivery of some hooks so we can hang the lights and get the sign up.

Meantime I clear out the woodshed – a job that should have been done weeks ago. I’m not long finished when the hooks Margaret ordered arrive and soon the shelter is complete other than one side which could do with another roofing sheet which I’ll pick up in Stirling tomorrow.

After a big tidy up session I go back indoors and prepare a green curry. We eat then watch the Roy Orbison documentary Love Hurts on the BBC iPlayer…then one about Don Maclean….then something else. Margaret’s turn to fall asleep om the couch tonight!