I’M in the office when Martyn and the dog come to pick me up. 

We drive up the lochside a bit, park up and go for a wander. Nice to catch up..and we make plans for a ‘Christmas special’ Facebook Livestream on Saturday (23 December, 7.30pm!).

 By the time we get back a courier’s dropped off the replacement SSD (solid state drive) for my Macbook Pro. After a coffee, Martyn heads off and I hit the office.

The new SSD goes in an external enclosure, plugs in and I start the process of formatting it, then cloning the internal drive. 

I leave it running and then drop Margaret at Catriona’s with the Christmas cakes they made a while back. They’re gonna put marzipan on and ice them while I go to Wickes and pick up an extra sheet of corrugated bitumen for the remaining edge of the smoker/grilling shelter. Doesn’t really need it, but for the sake of 12 quid and a sense of ‘completeness’ it’s a worthwhile task.

Back at Catriona’s we hang out a while then make our way home. The internal drive has been successfully cloned so I carefully dismantle the MacBook Pro and replace the SSD – putting the old one in the external enclosure to use as a portable SSD drive. Dandy.

After I cook up some black pepper tofu we make some plans for Christmas and New Year…and an early night.