This song is dedicated to Bruno – and while not specifically about any individuals or group of friends, it was inspired by catching up with old primary school pals I hadn’t seen for nearly 40 years…

AN EARLY start into Glasgow – I get some work done over a long-lasting coffee courtesy of McDonald’s wifi then go and pick up some bits and pieces.

I meet Margaret just after midday and we grab a bite to eat before making our way to the crematorium – one of my old school pals Bruno died in September, but the police didn’t  release his body until last month, hence the the delay in the funeral.

There’s a weird combination of emotions – it’s a sad occasion, but also great to catch up with some of my best pals from primary school…some of whom I haven’t seen since we left Hillhead Primary in 1975!

We’re home soon after 6pm and head straight back out to deliver some local Christmas cards. 

I make a pork stir-fry with zero-carb shirataki noodles then we do a little work and planning for the weeks ahead.