I take a selfie in the studio for Reunion Blues…they need a bunch of images and info now I’m an official Reunion Blues endorsee 🙂 🙂

SOME online orders need packed up ready to go to the post office…then it’s straight into the studio.

I have some video to sort out for my pal Preston –it was shot live and edited by someone down south and while the video’s good, there’s a fair bit of hiss and other audio problems. They also need titles and credits. I sorted one out a few weeks ago and he was happy with the results, so I’ve three more to do.

It’s not a hard job, but time consuming – stripping the audio from the video, working on it in ProTools then syncing it all back together. I get the first done by lunchtime and send over a lo-res version for approval.

While it’s transferring at a snail’s pace thanks to our crap broadband, I cut the last sheet of roofing for the smoker/grill shelter and get it nailed down. I’d dreaded cutting the big, unwieldy corrugated bitumen sheet but the circular saw did it in a jiffy. Easy peasy! 

I venture out and deliver the last of our ‘local’ Christmas cards then back home to make a big pot of bolognese – enough for tonight and a few portions for the freezer…then it’s back to the studio.

Second video sorted and ‘processing’, I take some selfies for Reunion Blues with one of their gig bags. They need a load of images and info for my artist page on their website and social media after being given an official artist endorsement deal 🙂

An email comes in saying the first video is great, so I start transferring the ‘full-strength’ version – about 400mb – and leave the upload running while I head along to Betty and Joe’s to meet Margaret and have an aperitif.