THERE’S some stuff to send off to Reunion Blues – the guitar case folks who’ve just made me an official artist/endorsee.

Once that and some other bits and bobs are dealt with I start to thank about moving the big pallet-wood bar from the side of the house where it;s been sitting covered in a  blue tarpaulin since Margaret’s 60th birthday bash a year past August.

Actually, it has been pulled into service a few times since then, but while it’s position was perfect for the party, it’s not a practical location for any other use. Plus, it’d be cool under the smoker/grill shelter where it won’t need covered by the tarp!

The challenge is…it weighs a bluddy ton (or maybe two or three!)...I doubt if even four folks could manhandle it and get it round the back.

When I take the tarp off I realise the well-meaning protection hasn’t worked very well…the wet and damp has found it;s way in and the wood’s pretty slimy and rotted in places. Also, many of the screws have rusted, but or disintegrated. I spend a few hours taking it to bits.

Even after that, the ‘bits’ are a bit heavy for one person, especially the last corner which I struggle to move. I get it all under the shelter tho’ and leave it to be assembled later.

Meantime, I have the third and final video to sort for Preston. As well as working on the audio generally and adding titles/credits, there’s a missing note which I have to find somewhere else and try and insert into the audio waveform. This is tricky as the only similar passage has a different speed and feel but after persevering for an hour or two I think I have it fixed.

I send the resulting video file off for approval, have a late lunch then start re-assembling the bar. The ground’s not flat, some of the wood’s rotten and the joins have all become mal-aligned,so the whole things a bit skee-whiff…still, it’s solid as a rock and the jaunty angles enhance the rustic feel of the shelter.

There’s a bike rally show in Germany booked for next year and Margaret needs to send off a contract..the templates in SignNow – the web-based contract exchange/signing we use – need updated tho’. It’s a fantastic service and saves farting about and relying on postage…also, the folks signing the contracts don’t need any special software or downloads..the can just click, sign and it’s done! Check it out here.

For all it’s efficiency, though, initial set up can be a little time-consuming,,,and I need to replace the existing templates with new ones with the ‘new’ Buzz address which I forgot to change a while back.

A good day’s work tho’…