Still Friends live – from my Live at Memorial Hall album…

UP early to get some stuff done before Betty pops round  for some help with computer stuff.

In the office I get a ‘review of my year’ blog pot finished and post links round social media etc. You can read it here.

There’s still a load of tidying up and other stuff needing done so we get busy with that then Margaret goes to the village to get her feet done…I hit the studio and edit up the live video footage for Still Friends from the live album recording show. See it above or on my YouTube channel.

While the video’s processing I set up and record a video testimonial for Reunion Blues…hopefully it;s in the bag, but I run out of time – Margarets been back half an hour and we’re needing  to get our asses along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner.

A grand night ensues and it;s well after midnight when we stagger our way back down the lochside.