Loch Lomond Ukelele Orchestra are guests at the village hall Christmas carols…

AFTER breakfast Margaret sets of on (another) shopping trip.

I hit the studio and edit up the video I shot last night for the Reunion Blues artist video  and upload a couple of versions for them to choose from.

Next job is to put up some ‘icicle lights’ along the front of the house.Of course they’re in a  huge tangle and to make things worse, our ladders are too short to properly reach the guttering for me to attach the hooks to hang the lights.

Eventually I manhandle everything into place and they’re looking good by the time Margaret comes hime with another car-full of shopping.

I nip out for a wee walk as the daylight goes and stumble my way back through the forest int eh dark.

We have an early dinner then drive to the village hall for the annual Christmas carols…the official start of Christmas on the east side of Loch Lomond,

There’s mince pies and mulled wine afterwards then we head to friends in Strathblane who’ve invited us to a wee party, Margaret makes the most of a night off driving and it;s after 2am when we roll up home….