NOT good this morning. Feeling just a tad on the queezy side.

A couple of paracetamol, big drink of water, a few mouthfuls of coffee – can’t face any more than that – and a couple more hours in my kip and I’m a little more prepared for what remains of the day.

Making the cherry stuffing is a bit of task, but I get it done, then I give the turkey a good going over with my cranberry rub ready for the smoker tomorrow.

Les gives me a run along to Martyn and Louise’s to pick up the cameras and guitars we left last night. When we get back Catriona’s arrived to take us over to her and Will’s for a wee family gathering.

Will’s made enough food for a small army – and it’s all delicious. After some grub and a beer I’m feeling much better 🙂

Mikey and Matty join the party and we have a grand night, making it home by 11pm for a wee nightcap then bed…