Merry Christmas…time for dinner!

I’M up early to get the turkey out the fridge and up to room temperature.

After breakfast I get the smoker ready to go and soon the turkey’s on, Matty’s gone out for a run and Mikey and I head out for a walk leaving Margaret and Les in the kitchen.

When Mikey and I get back Catriona and Will have arrived.

I check the temperature in the smoke pit and add some more cherry wood. All’s looking good, so I can leave the smoker and Mikey, Will and I go for a wander up the lochside.

We’re out for an hour or so – all the food is prepped and the turkey only has about 10 degrees to go – plenty tome for a beer, bubbly and present-opening. Everyone does well 🙂

The turkey has turned out a treat, the dining  table is groaning under the weight of all the food  and we all, pf course, eat our fill. 

We’re not long finished when Margaret and Les retire to the TV for Doctor Who – the rest of us tidy up a bit then relax and chat over a few drinks.

Catriona and Will set off home just after 9pm and the rest of us watch a film – Bridge of Spies – on Netflix taking a break halfway through for another plateful of Christmas dinner…oooft.

Cherrywood smoked turkey – with my special cranberry rub – underway. Everyone loves it 🙂

Mikey, Will and I get some fresh air and a wander up the lochside while Margaret, Les and Catriona prepare the rest of the Christmas dinner grub…