New botos!

WE’VE been talking about possibilities of sorting our kitchen out…it’s the one part of the house that we haven’t fixed/improved other than getting our big cooker just after we moved.

There’s lots of sales on, so this might be a good day to check out ideas, costs and all sorts.

I measure up the kitchen and all the units we currently have and do a scale drawing that we can refer to and show to potential suppliers then we head off into Glasgow.

First stop, though, is Tiso for a pair of walking boots…old pair wore out in the Spring and replaces with shoes which are great…but not that great in the mud and sludge of the winter. Plus two lots of Tiso vouchers will combine with our discount card and any sale to make the unaffordable affordable. I hope.

We have a snack in the Tiso cafe then  sort out a pair of nice Scarpa Goretex boots.

Next stop, Magnet. We chat with a saleswoman and planner for a while…more than a bit on the expensive side tho’.

There’s time to drop into Ikea where a very efficient planner uses their web-based planner to come with some ideas and a much better – but still expensive buy our standards – price. Not out the question, though.

We head home with our brochures, lists and ideas then Margaret and Les rustle up some dinner and we have a nice relaxing evening…