AFTER my ‘back to normal’ breakfast – fruit, yogurt and porridge – Martyn rolls up with the dog and we go for a walk.

It’s a lovely day – freezing cold but clear skies and sunshine. The beaches are frozen solid and feel strange underfoot. The new boots get an easy first outing.

Back home I do a little work then we venture out a gain – Lesley back to Edinburgh and us to Stirling ont he great kitchen research project.

En route we stop in at Catriona and Will’s to drop off some stuff they left at Christmas. We hit Wickes. Unimpressed, Wren Kitchens. Unimpressed. Another Magnet visit and our experience is somewhat better than that in their Glasgow shop yesterday..not that the service or attention in Glasgow was poor, but the guy in Stirling is helpful, friendly and has some pretty good ideas. I think his mission is to ensure we end up with a kitchen we like and is a serious improvement than just sell us stuff.

Still, it’s kinda out our price range, so there’s gonna have to be some serious thought and discussion!

We stop back in  at Catriona and Will’s and see the photo of Catriona’s latest ‘bump’ scan – and enjoy a beer, snacks and chat – then home.

It’s been nice having folks over the last week, but it’s also nice to have a quiet night and the house to ourselves!