WE take it fairly easy in the morning then head into Glasgow for new year supplies…we have some pals and neighbours coming round for drinks on new year’s day.

Disaster in Costco tho’…no pork butt left – and I’d planned to do some pulled pork. Looks like they’ll get some in tomorrow (Sunday) tho’. Bit of a pain in the ass having to waste another half day, but if we go in time for the place opening at 10am we’ll hopefully avoid the usual hogmanay madness.

We manage to get everything else we need and some stuff for Betty and Joe which we deliver after offloading our own shopping at home. A couple fo glasses of red follow despite it not even being close to “wine o’clock”. Ah well, as Betty says, it’s almost new year!

Back home we have an early (by our standards) dinner, watch a film and are in bed before midnight.