Smoker ready for the pork butts to go on just after midnight…

EARLY trip into Glasgow to pick up the pork butts from Costco…and share a chicken sandwich for breakfast!

Then Tesco, See Woo and home in time for lunch.

It’s been blowing a gale – storm Dylan, they say – and I’m happy to see the roof’s still intact on the smoker/grill shelter…not least because of the imminent  overnight smoke.

I get the pork butts dowsed with my Memphis dust rub, covered in cling film and put in the fridge outside ready to go on the smoker later.

Of course it’s now pissing with rain and there’s a load of wood needing chopped and lots of stuff to be put away.

Once done I chill on the couch in front of the fire and read through the Hang Fire cookbook  – a grand book by two lassies who, after a long USA road trip tasting and learning, set up their own very successful BBQ business.

After dinner we watch some stuff on the telly including the obligatory Hogmanay show. We’ve decided to have a quiet Hogmanay as we’re having a load of pals and neighbours round for drinks and grub tomorrow.

I get all the smoker prep done and the first load of coals lit before the bells…celebrate New Year with a kiss and a dram…then back outside to get the pork on. An overnight smoke is always a bit daunting – but we don’t go to bed until after 2am and a final check on the smoker assures me all will be well for an hour or two unattended.