Another load of charcoal getting ready to replenish the smoker…

HAPPY New Year! I’m up at 5am, 6am and 7am to check the temperature in the pit…then properly up at 8am to light another chimney-full  of charcoal and make some coffee.

My eNewsletter has gone out on schedule and once the smoker’s checked and some other work done I set about sharing the link online and round social media. You can read it here. For the first time I try the bandsintown messaging into wish my ‘trackers’ a happy new year and spread the eNewsletter link.

We spend the morning preparing for our guests who, we expect, will be arriving from 3pm. Margaret makes a huge pot of lentil soup, similar amount of stovies (a kind of corned beef hash…most folks love it,,,but I cannae stand it!) and a load of wee individual merengues  while I look after the pork butts ion the smoker, prepare pickles and cut rolls.

We tidy the house and reset furniture in a more party-friendly way and are pretty much ready when the first folks roll up. 

We have a steady stream of folks, ensuring a good houseful finally calling it a day sometime after 1am. We spend another hour or so breaking the back of the clear-up operation then fall into bed….a nice start to the year 🙂