AFTER a reasonably long lie we have breakfast and continue the clear-up operation.

Mikey’s still out for the count and we also continue the search for Margaret’s big bunch of keys which have mysteriously disappeared.

I get a little work done in the office – there’s some contracts in for signing and promo stuff to be written and sent out to some promoters/bookers.

The firewire cable I ordered a few days ago works, but the alas the cranky old firewire MiniDV camera I found in the studio cupboard doesn’t want to play ball so I take it all back to the studio and tidy up before playing some guitar.

Mikey comes over to say cheerio then I go back to the house,light the fire and settle down with a book until dinner time.

There’s some pulled pork left which we guzzle in front of the telly – a variety of viewing with the highlight being a documentary of the last year of Prince’s life. Not always my favourite music, but an absolute genius. It’s followed by the most bizarre thing we’ve ever seen….Naked Attraction – we watch while we finish our drinks then switch off. Cannae believe what we saw. Not that we;re offended or shocked – I’m more curious about the reception the ‘contestants’ will get when they go back to work after baring all!