NOT much chance of a walk today…it’s pouring and looks to be that way all day.

Ah well – lots of work to be getting on with.

First up, I touch base with Reunion Blues – the gig bag company who’ve just offered me an artist deal.

There’s some work to be done on my pal Rab’s website – new banners and straplines for each page. I just get it finished when Betty drops by for a coffee.

Next job is to pick up on the USA tour planning for 2018. I really need to get to work on some songwriting, but the USA stuff is more time-critical as I need to get shows confirmed and contracted before I can start the visa application process.

An afternoon of emails, video calls and routing follows. I leave the office just before 7pm and head for the warmth of the house, eat and chill for a few hours before an early night.