THERE’S some media enquiries and interview requests around my upcoming show at Belfast’s Out To Lunch Festival (Saturday 20 January )– we need to check the travel and accommodation arrangements with the promoter.

Meantime, I agree to all and give them rough timeframes which we can nail down once we have the info. Of course, no sooner have I done that than all the info coms through!

We’ve been researching PA speakers – we need something more practical than our current wee HK system, especially now we’ve moved to the X-Air remote mixer. The HK system sounds great but we need something that will more easily cope with the foot stomp and overdriven guitar…and be quicker/easier to set up with the X-Air.

The engineer at one of my Estonia shows back in October was using Nova ic12a active cabinets which looks too small to cope with my show but turned out great…we were amazed at their performance. They’re relatively cot-effective too bit we still need to give them a whirl in our own gig conditions before making any commitment,..not least as we can ill afford to be spending money on anything right now, let alone PA speakers!

The speakers are made in Germany but by chance I found their UK distributor is in Glasgow! A phone call later and we’ve arranged to pick up a pair tomorrow (Friday) to try out 🙂

It’s Joe’s birthday so we take a wee walk along to drop off a card and gift and have a coffee and a chat while we’re at it.

Back home I mess about in the studio, then do some experimenting with the X-Air mixer in preparation for tomorrow. The laptops are a more flexible controller than the cranky old iPad, so I set up the software and links and spend a while refreshing my memory about the working of the system. I also dig out our old homehub router to have as a backup…although the X-Air has a built-in wifi access point, some folks recommend using an external router for a more reliable wireless connection. We haven’t had any problems, but I’d like to give it a try. 

I run out of time, though – we’re off to Barbara and Thorsten’s for a drink and a chat about some stuff Thorsten wants to sort out.

It’s nearly 9pm when we get back along the road and make some dinner then veg in front of the telly for a wee while…