AFTER dealing with some routine stuff we head into Glasgow late morning,

I’ve arranged to borrow a pair of Nova IC12a PA speakers to try out. We pick ’em up then pick up some shopping in Costco. The queue at the cafe is a mile long, but we’re hungry so wait it out…worth it for the monster chicken sandwich 🙂

Next stop the supermarket then our local village hall where we set up and spend an hour or so evaluating the borrowed active (ie: powered) speakers. They’re so simple to set up and the guitar and vocal sounds are pretty good…plenty of power. But the footstomp is a disaster. The 12″ drivers just don’t have the depth of sound we get from our HK system, albeit underpowered.

Back to the drawing board, I guess. I;m taking them back on Tuesday so will find out if there’s a sub speaker that’s matched to the system…but I’m almost certain that’ll push things right out our budget.

Dinner time’s approaching, but it’s still after 9pm by the time my salt & pepper tofu and stir fried greens is ready!