Second of the three community noticeboards to get posterised 🙂

I’D PLANNED a load of stuff this morning…but don;t wake up ’til after 10.30am. Oops!

After ‘breakfast’ I nip along and take a test photo for a wee project i’m about to embark on then go back home, add some info about tomorrow’s Conic Hill Run to the website and social media, then nip down to the village to put with some posters for the local Memorial Hall gig (10 February) – I get one up in the village shop and on the old oak tree..the coffee shop’s mobbed tho’, so I’ll wait ’til they’re a bit quieter before dropping oine in there.

Next job is to put the posters upon the community notice boards which I do on foot..a nice couple of hours’ walk catching up on podcasts.

When I get back Margaret’s got most the Christmas stuff down…I pull the ladders out and get the outside ‘icicle’ lights down form along the front of the house then go out to the office to knock up a wee web proposal for a pal.

Margaret’s on dinner duties when i go back in…we eat, watch the latest 007 film then bed. Planning an early walk with Martyn tomorrow…

The sun’s setting over the loch as I walk home from the ‘poster run’.