Martyn captures me taking a snap along the West Highland Way

UP early – meeting Martyn at 8.30am for a walk.

After a hearty breakfast I grab my camera and Margaret drops me at Martyn’s. We head up a track to the West Highland Way and head for Conic Hill.

There’s a run up the hill form the other side kicking off at 10am and I’d like to grab a few snaps for It’s a beautiful clear day, but minus five…just as well we’re well rapped up. So much so, in fact that aft6er half an hour we’re both drenched in sweat!

It’s a longer, but more gentle climb up the Conic from the back and we just get over the top when we spot the runners and walkers coming up the hill. I get some pix then we carry on down and back home for a big bowl of black bean soup.

Mikey arrives – Margaret’s helping him with his accounts today – and Martyn heads off.

I nip into the studio to make a testimonial video for the Shottenfest festival in Austria then get it sent over. Next job is to go through the pix from the run earlier. I’m not too enamoured with my photographic efforts, but there’s enough to make a wee gallery to stick up on See the pix here.

I’m just finished when Betty texts to see if we wanna go along for a drink. Margaret’s busy with Mikey’s mess of accounts but I wander along and enjoy a couple fo glasses of red with Betty, Joe, Barbara and Arthur.

Back home I make a green curry and then read for a while before an early night. Buggered after this morning’s walk!

Some of the participants int he Conic Hill Run…click the pic to visit the gallery.