Cracking day for a walk…and a fine view of Conic Hill

AFTER chopping some wood and sorting the bins I have some porridge then straight into the office.

Lots of gig promo to be done today, starting with poster ad flyer art for the Edinburgh and Glasgow shows at the beginning of  March. Once done, I work out quantities of each and fire the artwork off to the printer.

It’s another beautiful day. Freezing cold, but crisp and blue skies. And sunshine 🙂

Margaret drops me in the village to get some posters up for the Memorial Hall show on 10 February and I enjoy the walk back home listening to podcasts as I go…in particular one about the resurgence of Twitter. I make a note to check out the book that’s being talked about...The Tao of Twitter.

Back home I find the Kindle version on Amazon and am invited to try Kindle Unlimited – £7.99 a month for, I believe unlimited Kindle books. That sounds good (the Twitter book is about the same price). Even better is the mont;s free trial! I take a note to cancel before it becomes a ‘paid for’ thing, although I may well decide to keep the sub. I probably spend more than that a  month on Kindle anyway…and I’d be likely to read/access more with this. I love my Kindle! And the fact that I can pick up and/or refer to any book on the laptop, my phone, iPad as well as the Kindle itself.

Back on the gig promo and online listings I find my Musicglue site isn’t quite up to date with gig listings and merch availability. I spend some time knocking it into shape then finalise arrangements to meet a journalist who wants to do an interview for a fairly big music mag when we’re in Belfast for the Out To Lunch Festival in a coupla weeks.

We have an early dinner as a local pal’s dropping by later so I can sort a web domain and hosting for his forthcoming website. Needless to say we have a few beers and a good ol’ blether too 🙂