WE’RE off into Glasgow early…for the first time this year!

I drop Margaret off then go to McDonalds for coffee and get an hour or so’s work done before I have to return the PA speakers we borrowed on Friday.

They didn’t work for me, primarily ‘cos they couldn’t handle the stomp – a chat with Andy reveals the company is launching a compact sub woofer soon which could be a game-changer. meantime, we’ll sit tight.

I make may way back towards town and park up at the People’s Palace. Free parking and nice walk into the virtual office in St Enoch Square to pick up mail.

Next stop, Costco. I get some shopping but the queue for food is huge. Again. Dunno what’s going wrong in there. The food queue has been a mile long and service slow for the last month or so 🙁

I’d been looking forward to a chicken sandwich but don’t have time to wait so nip across to Tesco, get the rest of the shopping and make do with a couple of much healthier salad pots – goats cheese and toasted couscous in one and bean salad in the other. Good fart fodder!

More shopping at Chung Ying and See Woo then I pick up Margaret and we stop at an Aldi to get some Nespresso -compatible coffee pods. We were spending a fortune on Nespresso’s own pods and moved over to Dualitt compatible’s from Costco. Half the price, and decent coffee, but nine times out of 10 the pods wouldn’t pierce which was becoming a pain in the ass and probably not doing the machine any good.

We tried some from Lidl earlier in the week and the coffee was good, but some of the water seemed to leak out into the drip tray which, to me anyway, indicated a potential problem causing fit. 

In the past we tried Fine Coffee Club which makes good capsules but they;re only pennies cheaper and we were still spending an fortune.

Anyway! We pick up a 10-pack each of four different varieties in Aldi then head for home.

I’ve just cracked opened a beer when a flood of Facebook messages appear. A music blogger pal form Wales is having trouble getting her website verified with Google. Another pal down south is looking for some advice about attending SxSW in Austin, Texas. And another is coming to Glasgow at the end of the month to play a shopw for Celtic Cpnnections.

The website problem needs a bit more time…the SxSW question needs a bit of consideration but we make a plan to meet Grainne at her show and arrange for her to come and stay over here…we’re at some Showcase Scotland events (part of Celtic Connections) anyway that day, so it all fits nicely.

After we eat I get on the website challenge and get it sorted then I relax in front of the telly and answer Tom’s SxSW queries 🙂