THERE’S a few things needing done before I get cracking with the to-do list.

Wehn I do get out to the office, though, something prompts me to check the Voodoo Rooms’ (Edinburgh) website for my gig info. It’s not there!

Of course every other live event into April is there. Grrrrr…

Margaret contacts them and there seems to be no record of the booking…or the £100 deposit paid and acknowledge on 16 December.

I send off the payment receipt, a new blurb, photo and ticket link and a few hours later an email comes back confirming the booking and the info is now online..other than the image I sent!! No apology. Had I not checked we could have been selling tickets for the show oblivious to the fact that it was fucked up.

That – and the ever increasing hire for the room – means we’ll probably avoid using – or recommending – the venue in the future 🙁

Next job it so set up the domain name and web server for our pal that was round last night. Once done, I create a temporary ‘coming soon’ landing page. Hopefully I’ll get the content for phase one of the site and get things live in a week or two.

After l set about adding Apple Pay as a payment method for my online store. Not on my list, but an email form my eCommerce partner hints that it might be possible. I did try a year ago, but it was buggy and didn’t work properly.

This time, though, it appears to work and I do a test purchase myself. When Margaret comes in she does same and I’m happy enough with it to spread the word on social media etc.

A day of results – but nothing done on  the to-do list!!!