Nice preview for my upcoming Belfast show…click the image to read it 🙂

MARGARET’S noticed my Bandsintown profile isn’t displaying properly on Facebook posts and stuff…and on investigation, the profile really needs an overhaul.

After breakfast I get on the case…updated profile pic, introduction video uploaded, newsletter link fixed and revamp of the artists that I follow which seemed to have been pre-populated by Facebook. The updated profile is here.

I nip out to pick up something from the village shop and on the way back I bump into Betty and Joe who pop up for a quick coffee.

There’s some last minute press stuff to be done for next Saturday’s (20 January) Out To Lunch Festival show in Belfast…a few phone calls to various journalists and radio folks then Margaret buzzes me to say she’s just booked an Aberdeen show at the Blue Lamp for Friday 23 February.

I call the printer to see if they’ve sent off the Glasgow and Edinburgh posters and flyers yet…luckily they haven’t so I ask them to hang fire and add in the Aberdeen stuff. Then there’s a mad rush to get the artwork done and sent off and a ticket link set up for the show.

Time’s getting on a bit and I would like to get a walk so I Margaret drives me to the village where I drop some stuff at the post office then walk back, getting home just before darkness falls.

…and a cracking review of Live at Memorial Hall in Sounds Magazine. Click pic to read!

It’s been a while since I played a full length show and with the big Belfast show coming I need to get match fit. I start by picking up the banjo, run through a few songs and meddle with some new ideas before going out to the office to make up and print set lists.

A Facebook notification informs me of a nice preview for the Belfast show in Culture Hub magazine. It’s pretty cool, so I share it over my personal profile and music pages as well as other social media.

No sooner is that done than an email comes in with a link to a nice review of Live at Memorial Hall in Sounds Magazine. I resist the temptation to share it immediately..better keep it up my sleeve ’til tomorrow rather than deluge folks.

I finally get the set lists printed – the practice will have to wait ’til tomorrow – and see the ticket link for the Aberdeen show is now live. I create a Facebook event and add the show to various online listings then retire indoors to make some black pepper tofu for dinner. And a beer.