THERE’S some social media stuff needing done first thing.

I need to archive the Belfast preview and latest album reviews but saving or ‘printing’ the web pages to .pdf kinda mangles them…so instead I do a series of screen grabs and stitch them together in Photoshop. The resulting JPEGs are archived in the press cuttings section of my website and the PDFs stored away in case they might be useful for my US visa application.

Then I get into the studio to run through some of the set for next weekend’s Belfast show. I get about halfway through before I realise is after lunchtime so go back to the house for a bog bowl of black bean soup.

Priority this afternoon is progressing the USA gig booking for October/November, but first I need to get camera gear sorted and batteries charged for tomorrow’s (Saturday) photoshoot for my pal Rab in Glasgow.

The gig booking goes pretty well – a few more ‘in the bag’ as they say, then I need to rub and wrap a pork loin for the smoker tomorrow before we go to Betty and Joe’s for dinner and a nice relaxing evening with our pals.