GONNA be cold weather and snow’s forecast so I chop some extra wood.

There’s some stuff to go to the postbox – on my way I notice the laminated poster I nailed to the tree has been ripped down. Grrrrrr…folks pulling down posters is one thing that;s sure to get me riled.

Back home I laminate a replacement and go and stick it up.

Then it’s into the studio to rehearse the rest of the set for Saturday’s Out To Lunch Festival show in Belfast. Margaret buzzes me over to say Betty and Joe have popped in so I join them for a coffee and a chat then get back to rehearsals.

I make a batch of Alabama White BBQ sauce to go with the smoked pork loin we’re having for lunch and we’re both pretty impressed with the result. We’re just finished eating when a courier drops of posters and flyers for the upcoming Scottish shows (Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh). I pack up the Edinburgh and Aberdeen posters and get them ready for posting to the venues. I’ll drop off all the Glasgow posters myself later in the week,

 Despite all attempts to get back to the studio and play some guitar, I get caught up with some USA booking stuff…emails, Facebook messages and Skype calls. Suddenly it’s after 7pm so I close up for the day and head into the house and start making a green curry with tofu.

We’ve a bunch of ‘domestic’ things to sort out, so after we eat we go through a bunch of stuff and discuss some ideas before bed.