Footprints in the snow? Nah, just me heading to the office!

PRETTY snowy when we get up…no blue skies unfortunately – just cold and grey 🙁

I warm up by chopping some wood then, after breakfast, spend the morning playing banjo and trying (unsuccessfully) to come up with a new song. I have plenty instrumental ideas, but nothing I can manage to sing over.

After  a bowl of black bean soup – perfect on a cold winter’s day – I pick up on the USA booking and try to keep things moving on that.

Back in the house I get the fire lit and play some more banjo then take a break to read some more of the Tao of Twitter. An interesting read, but still nothing I don’t know! I resist the temptation, though, to skim…I don’t want to miss any little nuggets of useful info or ‘quick wins’.

Margaret’s dug out some knitting needles to try her hand at knitting a wee teddy bear. Looks complicated to me! Meantime, I’m back on the banjo and finally come with something (a) I like, and (b) I can remember straight off the cuff. I record it on my phone just in case. I;ll revisit tomorrow and see if I can get a vocal line to sit on top….

Margaret does some knitting while I fart about on the banjo.