The weather on the loch turns pretty quick – at least I got the livestreams done before it hit me!

TOP of this morning’s to-do list is creating updated ‘forthcoming gig’ banners for my YouTube channel and other social media.

Once done, I make a landing page for my website to promote the upcoming shows. It’s not difficult, but there’s a bit of a fanny dance making it look the way I want.

I’d hoped to continue to develop the banjo tune I’ve been working on, but the USA booking for October/November takes priority – and additional shows confirmed. Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Grand Rapids, Putnam, Kingston and New York are all now confirms with pencils in for Nashville (Indiana) and Racine…still a lot of chasing to do tho’!

A message from the BBC in Belfast invites me to play a live session and interview on the Gerry Kelly Show at midday on Saturday. Great – except that time is bang in the middle of my get-in/soundcheck time. And I also have an interview scheduled with journalist from a fairly significant magazine between soundcheck and stage time. Mmmm.

I call the producer and he sees if we can do a pre-record on Friday evening. No studio available, tho’ – so I get onto the promoters and see if we can get in and soundcheck a little earlier. No problem – the Beeb will send a cab to get me to the studio and back right after soundcheck 🙂

There’s a break in the weather, so I go out for a walk before it gets too dark and do a couple of livestreams while I’m out – one on my Facebook page and, as an experiment, another to my Facebook profile.

I’m just finished and the weather turns. Of course, I’m the furthest from home of the walk!

The duplication of livestreams turns out to be a good move…although some folks tuned into – and participated in – both, the combined reach  and traction is good.

Someone from one of the venues I played on a USA tour a few years ago immediately responds to my livestream with a possible booking..we’ve been keen to get something together on subsequent tours, but the days/dates never worked out. Looks like they might this time 🙂

Back home I hit the office and print some ‘forthcoming dates’ postcards for the weekend. An alert tells me the Irish News has a nice preview piece for Saturday’s show 🙂

The weather’s a bit dodge, so we decide to head to the ferryport at Cairnryan tomorrow (Thursday). A local B&B is duly booked and tomorrow’s schedule re-jigged accordingly…