Great food and great value at this place…click the pic to visit the Boojum website

JUDGING by the breakfast weather reports on the telly it’s just as well we travelled down to Cairnryan last night. The weather’s OK here tho’.

Breakfast at Balyett is fantastic and we check out just after 10am with plenty of time to travel the three or four miles to the StenaLine ferry terminal. Our ferry is at 11.30am and boarding starts around 11am.

The crossing to Belfast is just over two hours. When we get on the ferry we do a wee double-act livestream on my Facebook profile which is fun then I go to sleep for the rest of the boat ride.

Belfast and SatNav never seem to play well together, but we eventually get to the hotel, check in, then head out to find something for a late lunch.

There’s a fair amount of choice around, but we want something cheap and quick…it’s getting on and we’ll likely have dinner in a few hours. We stumble upon a burrito bar called Boojum – doesn’t look anything special, but it should fill a hole. However! The staff are great, the prices good and the generously-proportioned burritos are nothing short of amazing. Quite possibly the best we’ve had – and we’ve eaten a lot of burritos all over the UK, Europe and the USA.

Next stop is Debenhams and Frasers for Margaret to pick some makeup then we go back to the hotel and chill until it’s time to meet music writer Cara just after 8pm. Cara was responsible for Culture Hub’s great preview for tomorrow’s (Saturday) show and wants to chat over a piece she’s planning for a music magazine.

We meet it the bar and before we know it, it’s after midnight! We’ve not had any dinner and have a relatively early start in the morning. We say cheerio and go upstairs to grab our jackets and go on the hunt for grub…but when we get to the room and weight things up we decide nto to bother going out. A pretty unprecedented decision – I’m usually in fear of my life if I miss a meal! The beer and wine – and the monster burrito earlier probably play a part….so I make do with two blueberry muffins and a large dram before falling asleep!