IT’S BURNS” Day..the day we celebrate great Sottish bard Rabbie Burns’ birthday.

I decide to give away the live version of Parcel of Rogues – the Burns’ poem I put to music a few years ago – from the Live at Memorial Hall album. I make it public on Soundcloud then start spreading  the link. Listen/download free here…or click on the player at the top of the page.

That all takes quiet a while…then it;s back to the to-do list.

More work on Google search console for my gigs then into the house to make a big pot of spicy black bean soup…I take photos through the process (like I did for yesterdays batch of green curry paste) and create an Instagram story. They’re fun!

While the soup bubbles away I vacuum the house and tidy up a bit.

The solder and desoldering braid I ordered online has arrived, so I assemble all the stuff I need for the guitar repair on a clear desktop in the office.

The rain’s off, so I go for a walk up the lochside, dropping off some stuff at Betty and Joe’s and stopping at Millarochy bay for an impromptu Facebook livestream.

Back home I embark on the guitar repair. My initial plan had been to join the wires between the circuit board and new battery box, but the wire strippers I ordered won’t be hear ’til Monday and the wires are very fine. Instead I decide to desolder the wires from the old battery box, same with the captive wires on the new box and re-solder old wires onto new box…I certainly don;t want to go near the other end of the wires on the circuit board which is not only delicate and beyond my amateur soldering skill, but also buried deep inside the guitar.

I get the old box off no problem, but the heat from the soldering iron melts a tiny piece of plastic on the new battery box connectors rendering it useless. Just as well I bought a spare.back I abandon the project until the wire strippers arrive, then I’ll try the alternative approach of joining the wires!

There’s a bunch of online orders and media mailouts to be sorted. Once done, back indoors to make salt and pepper tofu then we chill in front of the telly with a bottle of red for what remains of the night.

alt and pepper tofu with stir-fried choi sum…one of our favourites 🙂