Guitar repairs!

WE’RE not long finished breakfast when Catriona arrives.

Margaret and Catriona are off into Glasgow to check out prams and other baby stuff.

There’s some old stuff in the studio needing cleared out and checked…also, I wanna see if I can raise some cash for a Kemper Profiler to potentially replace my guitar pedalboard. There’s a National ResoLectric guitar and Mesa amp that I put up for sale last year but I never got sold…in an ideal world the proceeds form these two items should come close to covering the cost fo a Kemper, but if I can shift the other small items that can only help.

The wirestrippers I ordered the other day arrive. Wasn’t expecting them ’til Monday…so I get busy repairing the guitar. it’s a fiddly and time-conuming job, but when I take the guitar back to the studio, plug in and it works I’m quietly pleased with myself.

I tidy the makeshift workbench in the office then get busy on some web development for a local pal.

Catriona and Margaret are back just after 6pm – I had the fire lit ready for them coming home…we sit and chat for a while, then I get busy putting together a green curry. We eat,chat and drink – Catriona;s on the water ‘cos she’s pregnant – and I fart about playing some long forgotten songs on the guitar.