CATRIONA hits the road home just after breakfast…and leaves an old Mac laptop for wiping before disposal.

The laptop’s over 10 years old, and got a screwed battery but it might be worth trying to get a few quid for it. Of course, just deleting files off the hard drive isn’t very security-conscious soI plan to restart in ‘recovery mode’ whoch willa llow me to wipe the drive and install a clean system.

It won’t start in recovery tho’..and although it’ll boot from a USB with a compatible version of the system software it just gets caught in a loop. Plan C sees me connect it to another Mac and start it up in target mode…I’m able to erase the drive, but then it won;t let me partition or format it – “cannot complete operation, – in/out failure’. Shit. i try all sorts of solution and nothing works whether starting up in target disc mode attached to another Mac or from an original boot CD.

Having wasted four hours, there’s not point throwing good time after bad…the hard drive is wiped (and goosed into the bargain) so it goes int he bin.

I go to the studio and carry on testing some of the stuff I’m planning to put up for sale, taking photos and looking for accessories and manuals. There’s a fair few odds and sods…and still some left to be done. I’ll pick up on it tomorrow.