One of the shots from the afternoon’s photoshoot…

NEEDING to get cracking with the press/PR for the upcoming Scottish dates…and I decide I need new photos. Urgently.

I check the weather and light – using the photographers’ ephemeris web app – and it looks like there’s a wee window of dry weather around 2.30pm. We plan to go up to a section of the West Highland Way so we can get some shots with Conic Hill in the background.

That means I need to get my finger out and get a load of other stuff done and out the way.

Margaret calls me in form the office to have a coffee with Betty and Joe who’ve popped in, then I hit the studio and test some of the other stuff that I wanna try and sell – a wee mixing desk, a multicore and few other bits and bobs.  I take some pix of them too. Hopefully get some of it online later in the week.

After lunch I get the photo stuff ready and we pack the car. When we get to the end of the road – we’ll have to hoof it to the photo location – the rain starts. Mmmmm…the weather app said it was gonna be clear between 2pm and 4pm. We give it 15 minutes or so and things clear up – other than the wind which makes things a little complicated.

I’m not convinced we’ve got any useable images, so we go up behind the house and try some there. No wind, but the light that was illuminating the Conic has gone.

In the office I sort through all the photos of stuff I’m hoping to sell then go through this afternoon’s photos. I do a wee bit of work on one of them to see if it might have legs then it’s time for an early dinner…there’s a local community council meeting in the hall at 7.30pm.

On the way out I notice the poster for my upcoming gig in the hall has been removed from the noticeboard and replaced with a poster for an event the same night that not only is not in the hall, but it’s not even in the community council area! Ragin’.

By the time we hit the pub I’ve calmed down a bit and we have a few drinks with our local pals.