A green screen photo and some jiggery-pokery puts me outside the hall. At night 😉

WITH the press/media stuff needing to go out today for the Memorial Hall show on 10 February, my top priority is to sort some pix.

The studio is a mess, so before I can start with the photos, i need to tidy everything else up.

I set up various strobes to light things, plug int eh remote and set about taking a bunch of what are essentially selfies! I do some with a hi-key white background and some using green screen,While not exactly inspiring – it’s hard to try and pose AND set up/take the photos at the same time – but the results are passable.

After lunch I work on the images then put together a news release for the local papers.

It’s been a while since I dealt with them and, inspired by the enthusiasm from calling the Belfast media, I call the various journalists…just as well, ‘cos one of them has moved on. I chat with the new contact who asks me to send the news release and photo. I speak to another few folks before sending the info. In a world of often faceless and relentless streams of mails, a lot of folks are happy to get a more personal contact. We’ll see if it results in more column inches.

We’re running short on whisky tumblers and Glencairn glasses…and signature bottlenecks too…so I order up more merch and then get on with some other stuff.

USA booking is progressing slowly, but steadily so I keep on top of that.

I’m in Glasgow all day tomorrow and evening and our pal Grainne from Dublin is staying with us tomorrow night, so I need to get a my first of the month eNewsletters written and scheduled to go out first thing Thursday morning, Thank goodness for automation!