Nice and sunny at Craigie Fort for the Facebook Livestream..

I HAVE a bit of a dilemma. 

While I’m chuffed to be a finalist in the Best Acoustic Act and Best Regional Act (Scotland) in the UK Blues Awards, I’m not a big fan of voting/popularity-based awards

To that end, I don’t want to canvas folks and bombard them with ‘please vote for me’ messages…but I would like to figure in the end result and if folks don’t know I’m in there, they can’t vote for me.

I decide a more subtle approach might be helpful so I incorporate the awards news a a voting link on my website landing page alongside upcoming gig info. I also plan a wee Facebook livestream for later on where I’ll mention it in passing.

After lunch we gather the bits and bobs for the livestream, pull on our walking boots and make our way up Craigie Fort overlooking the loch where we can get a decent 4G signal for the livestream. You can watch the livestream below.

Once done we stop in at Betty and Joe’s for a coffee on the way home. i have to get on with some work, but Margaret hangs on and helps Betty with some online stuff.

Betty has invited us to join them for dinner at the local pub. I finish off some work then we go and meet up for a nice relaxed evening – and some good grub 🙂