IT’S becoming clear that most, if not all, of my emails to folks with gMail addresses aren’t getting to their recipient/s.

Folks I’m regularly in contact with have been sending me emails that makes it look like they haven’t read my previous replies or parts of the conversation. Others, who I’ve texted or contacted  via Messenger have either found my  message in their spam folders or no trace of it anywhere.

I experiment with a few emails to Margaret’s ‘alternative’ email address from my own two most used addresses. The first two go into her spam. She marks them as ‘not spam’ and I send again. This time they don’t even arrive. mmm…this ain’t good.

I’ve too much to get on with to try and find a solution now, but I’ll be watchful.

There’s a couple of stories and events to put on the website and some last minute promo for Saturday’s show at the local hall. It’s looking close to a sell out and I have a dilemma….on one hand I wonder if folks travelling – or local pals – who haven’t got a ticket and don’t get in will learn from their wasted journey and buy ion advance in future. Of course, I don’t want anyone to be turned away either..but I can’t understand when folks say “I’m sure you’ll be able to squeeze us in”. We might..but despite best intentions, we might not be able to.

The more paranoid side of my nature could make me think not being able to get in would be a nice excuse not to come along or support the event. The rational side makes me think they’re just disorganised.

In some ways, though, it’d be a nice problem to have!

After lunch I call various newspapers in and around Aberdeen and speak to the music/arts writers. All are very receptive. My belief in the power of a good old-fashioned phone call as opposed to a blanket email is, once again, strengthened, Email, of course, is a perfect way to follow up and deliver the information they are now looking out for.

There’s not been much time to get out for a walk the last week or so and I need some fresh air. A walk up the lochside frees my mind. At my usual resting place I check Facebook and emails and find another couple of Messenger notes from folks confirming they didn’t get – or had to scour their spam folders – for my recent messages,

I resolve to get to the bottom of it tomorrow then make my way home listening to some pro audio/production podcasts.

Before dinner I try and sort some photos and info for all the bits and bobs I wanna try and sell…not only to clear some space in the studio, but also to raise some cash towards a Kemper.

Our pal Thorsten comes round after dinner to discuss some web stuff I’ve been setting up for him. We spend half an hour on that then the next two hours chatting and drinking beer!