BEFORE I get bogged down in all the to-do list stuff, I send a few messages and fire out some social media queries about my problem emailing gmail users.

A few folks make comments and provide helpful replies, but nothing I can do just now. My pal Gareth says to contact him tonight – he’s helped his wife sort out a similar issue.

I’ve made working on new songs my priority for today and hit the studio. The black guitar – the one I fixed with a new battery box – has a terrible rattle coming from the resonator cone and I wonder if some of the wiring is touching the underside of the cone, I take the guitar over to the office, open it up and try to manoeuvre the wires form the battery box into a different position. Sure enough, the rattle has gone. I put the 1.3 hex key aside to keep in the guitar case is case a repeat operation is required.

It’s warmer in the office, tho’ and not my usual songwriting surroundings so I hang out in there and mess with some ideas.

I list most of the stuff I wanna sell on Facebook Marketplace which is quick and easy. I also list a couple of things on the iPhone’s Shpock app to see how it works then head out for a walk as the sun goes down over the hills.

Back home I do a bit of research and add DNS txt records containing Google verification code to the two domains I use for sending mail ( and…I get verification for both. Wonder if that’ll help?

I’m about to go back to the house when an offer comes in Shpock for the EQ pedal I put up for sale. Five minutes later the deal is done and I’m packing it up to send off in the morning. There’s also a few Facebook enquiries about a mixer for sale… 🙂