Some of the audience at my branding panel session at Edinburgh College’s Creative Industries Employability Day – the mic wasn’t really like this…iPhone camera somehow ‘corrupted’ the image!

I DROP Margaret off in Glasgow and stop off at McDonalds for some breakfast before continuing to Edinburgh.

My Facebook Marketplace stuff’s been going nuts… two mixers sold – one to be picked up tomorrow and another on Saturday; reverb unit to be packed and posted out tomorrow; and a guitar pedal to be posted out this morning as soon as I pass a post office.

Another pedal has been generating a lot of interest, mostly because of it’s bargain price..but despite that people still want me to go out my way to deliver it or meet up. It’ll cost me more in time and mileage than the bluddy thing’s worth. Someone in Edinburgh, tho’, has enquired…and they work in an office I’ll be passing later on my way back to Glasgow. perfect!

I have a meeting en route to Edinburgh College’s Creative Industries Employability Day where I’m on a panel about selling yourself and branding.

At the college I meet up with a bunch of folks I know, have a sandwich and then it’s time for the panel session. Things run a little late, so I have to dash off right after and meet up with the pedal buyer en route back to Glasgow where I have some other business then meet Margaret and get some shopping.

Back home we put the shopping away, I pack some orders and marketplace sales items ready for the post office tomorrow and do a quick bit of work on pal Tom’s website.

After dinner we wander along to Betty and Joe’s to help out with some stuff and enjoy a chat and a couple of glasses of red.