Lucy and I do a couple of songs together at the end of the show 🙂 (Pic: Malcolm Brown)

AFTER breakfast Lucy helps me pack the gear for tonight’s show.

There’s too much gear for a single trip so Margaret takes me along and leaves me with the first lot of stuff then goes back home to collect :Lucy and the remaining equipment.

Someone stops by to collect a digital mixer I sold on Facebook then we get busy setting up the hall. Sound, lights, tables….there’s a whole load of stuff that keeps us busy for a good four or five hours.

Once everything’s sorted we go back to the hoses. Margaret cooks up some stovies for after the show and prepares some dinner while Lucy and I relax for a while.

We’re back at the hall before 7pm to sort some final stuff out before doors open at 7.30pm. By the time Lucy hits the stage the place is at capacity…and the crowd love her. An amazing set.

I follow and have a grand time then Lucy joins me on stage for a couple of impromptu number. An  encore later and we’re done – time to chat with folks over a beer and sell some merch before the big clean up.

We’re home around midnight and some of our French pals join us for some grub and a drink…another grand night 🙂