I create some new banner art for Rab’s website using one of the photos I took the other week…click to visit his site 🙂

AN EARLY alarm…then I look at my phone and see three messages from  British Airways (BA).

My flights to and from London today have been cancelled…and they’ve booked me on an alternative flight home. No alternative to actually get there tho’!

An unexploded WW2 bomb found in the Thames means London City Airport is shut. 

I request  refund from BA, send a few emails and texts to say I won’t make my meeting today and then spend far too long trying to sort a refund for my pre-booked car parking.

On the upside, I get a day back…and and extra hour or two in bed!

After breakfast I tackle some of the stuff in the diary for tomorrow (Tuesday). Some web and graphic work for my pal Rab Noakes, a video promoting my three upcoming Scottish shows for Facebook (initially a video post, but tomorrow I’ll make it into an ad) and edit some video from Saturday’s show. 

By mid-afternoon I’m up to date (well, kind of!)..the video of Lucy is disappointing – mainly because (a) I knocked the audio recorder on the floor as I wen to take some hand-held video and (b) the levels were set too high. Ah well…I’ll send it to her tomorrow anyway.

There’s still an hour or so of daylight left so I go for a walk, stopping in at Betty and Joe’s on the way back…Margaret’s there as she’d taken some stuff along we’d been keeping for them. A few glasses of red follow then we hit the road home where we have dinner in front of the telly and I sort some captions/subtitles for the Facebook video.