I’M in the shower and I suddenly panic…I think we need our own PA for the upcoming  Aberdeen show…and our wee PA is not only a bit underpowered for the room, but playing up a bit.

There’s no way we can buy any new stuff. Not only do we not have the cash, but we can’t justify the spend on something we only use once – or maybe twice – a year.

I wonder if we can maybe hire a couple of powered cabinets from someone in Aberdeen. I call CLS and speak to Charlie. He’s keen to help and while he can help us out with some speakers and an amp, he;s keen to help me get to the bottom of what might be wrong with our own wee PA. He asks if I cans et it all up and call him back so he can talk me through some tests.

The wireless home phone signal in the studio isn’t so great as it;s right on the edge of it’s range so I spend the next hour moving the PA into the office and setting everything up. Sod’s law, of course, means that it’s all working OK – albeit one ‘side’ seems a little less powerful than the other. But that might just be my ears.

I call Charlie back and he talk me through a bunch of tests. All seems OK. He suggests I check the speaker cables for phase problems and also let the PA run for a while so it heats up. 

The cables are all OK, so I fire some music through the system and leave it for an hour or so. Everything seems OK. I call Charlie and he asks if I can leave it ’til tomorrow and we can work out a contingency plan.

I’m kinda bamboozled. We had the ‘one side not working’ problem in Strathblane in November after whoch I set up int he studio to check and everything was OK again. Same thing happened for the Buchanan show at the weekend…and now it seems OK. Aaaarrrrgh. Nothing worse than an intermittent fault.

I’m also a little pissed that having got myself a day ahead with work yesterday, all this PA business has swallowed up the time I made up.

I have a Facebook video ad to set up…and then I spend some time trying to work out if a Kemper Profiler or Fractal Systems’ AX-8 might better meet my needs if I get a chance to replace my guitar effects board/case. By all accounts they seem pretty even on amp/cabinet simulation, but I think I prefer the Kemper. But it’s a lot more expensive and has a more awkward form factor (especially for flying) than the Fractal. I wouldn’t buy either without trying…I can try the Kemper in Glasgow, but the Fractal comes direct from the distributor..they offer a 30-day no quibble return policy, saying that 1/2-hour in a guitar shop is no good, you need to try ’em in the real world and they’re happy to do so.

I’ll investigate further tomorrow. Meantime, we’re going along to Betty and Joe’s to help out with some stuff and have a bite to eat….



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