SORE, dry throat and aching all over. Bah. Looks like I’ve got the lurgy that Margaret had over the weekend.

I have a couple of paracetamol and another hour’s sleep then drag myself out of bed.

First on the list is top call the CLS in Aberdeen and come up with a contingency plan for the Blue Lamp show on 23 February in case our wee PA lets us down.

Staying on the audio subject, I decide to order a Fractal AX-8 amp modeller/fx…their 30-day no-quibble return policy means I can give it a good whirl and test it on a couple of live shows. As they point out, a music shop trial isn’t going to give anyone a chance to set up or evaluate something like this. We’ll see.

When Dominique was here at the weekend he asked me if I ever received any royalties from the show show I played years ago at his venue Le Temps Des Crises…they pay SACEM (the French equivalent of PRS) a huge percentage of ticket sales and he’s not convinced the artists have been getting their share.

I report my live shows – both UK and abroad – meticulously to PRS, so I start trawling through five years’-worth of statements to see what SACEM has paid…and what for. Once I’ve noted all the royalties down it looks like they’ve only paid for some radio play and no live performance royalties.

Next, I check my overseas performance returns and ensure the gig in question – and a load of other French shows and festivals, including some pretty big/major ones –was reported. They all have been.

Too late to call now, so, I raise a query via the PRS website. I t fails to send three times, so I copy it over and email it off. I’ll chase them tomorrow.

This is pretty infuriating – not only should I not have to chase this stuff, I’ve spend four hours that I don’t have trying to   get it all noted down.

A parcel has been returned from Germany and it turns out to be a glass ordered by someone back in December. it has a ‘insufficient address’ sticker over the original address…I peel it back and check. It’s the exact address from the order. I email the buyer to check up…

Margaret’s bought some steak as a treat for a Valentine’s dinner and cooks it perfectly..accompanied by scampi, veg and a few chips. Lovely.

Once we’ve eaten we settle down and watch a film Our Souls at Night with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford on NetFlix. Matty recommended it and it’s a good call 🙂