I CLEAR the desk of some routine stuff then write up news releases for the upcoming Edinburgh (Voodoo Rooms – 1 March) and Glasgow (Hug & Pint – 3 March) shows.

There’s three to put together – one each for Glasgow and Edinburgh and another with both shows. I don’t like sending Edinburgh gig info to Glasgow newspapers and vice-versa…plus there’s some media that cover both areas, so they need their own version.

Rather than blindly copying recipients into the three emails I decide it’s worth firing them out individually and personally. I spend the afternoon phoning round to say hello and check I’m sending to the right folks. Hopefully it’ll bear fruit.

I’d fancied a walk but someone’s meant to be coming to buy a guitar wireless system and a reverb unit I’ve got for sale on Facebook Marketplace..there’s something funny about them, tho’ and I’ve a feeling they’re not gonna show.

I’m keen to shirt the National ResoLectric guitar and Mesa/Boogie amp so list them on some other places. I’ve realised that Facebook, Shpock etc can be an effective way of selling lower priced stuff, but no good for more expensive items.

By 5.30pm I find my gut feel was right…they were meant to be here ta 4pm and haven’t even bothered to let me know they’re not coming. Someone else has expressed interest in the wireless system tho’, so I let them know it’s still available.The buyer arranges to come and pick up tomorrow morning.

Takes me a while to make the slat and pepper tofu and stir-fried pak choi. After we’ve eaten we relax and plan an early night.

A text comes in from a local pal asking if I’ll play a couple fo songs at the community Burns Supper a week on Saturday…I’m in Aberdeen the night before and was looking forward to a night off to enjoy the Burns’ Supper.

Anyway, it brings a dilemma….on one hand I’m happy to contribute to  community event and it’s nice to be asked. The flipside, though, is that many of the folks involved (behind the scenes or as attendees) don’t support the events we put on at the hall. I find it hard to rationalise how these folks not only expect us to support their events (which we do 100% when we’re around, regardless of whether we ‘like’ the activity/event) but want me to pay for the privilege of performing (which is, after all, my job…not a ‘for fun’ hobby!) when they appear not to like/rate what I do. Margaret’s been asked to do the vote of thanks, too.

But this is, I suppose, about supporting the community – and the local folks who DO support our events, so we both agree…