Bottlenecks back in stock…including limited edition clear glass…click the image to visit my online store…

UP at a reasonable time…someone (I hope!) is coming to buy the wireless guitar system first thing.

I get the wood burner cleaned our and set for later, wood chopped, bins emptied and birds fed while Margaret sorts breakfast, Just as I finish the chores the buyer rocks up. Deal done.

Catriona arrives to take Margaret into Glasgow to loom at baby buggies and bathroom stuff then the postie arrives with a batch of Dave Arcari signature bottlenecks. I spread the word online that they’re back in stock and update my online store.

Click above for my interactive ‘one-sheet’ 🙂

In the office I spend a few hours working on an interactive ‘one-sheet’ .pdf file. Margaret reckons a lightweight, simple document will help her when contacting festivals and promoters.

I get a batch of black bean soup on the go. While it’s bubbling away, there’s a pork loin to be rubbed with Memphis Dust and wrapped in a bacon lattice ready for the smoker in the morning..we have friends coming to stay tomorrow night.

I have two ideas to work up and get them done just in time for Margaret getting home. I think it works pretty well…you can see it here.