I SPEND most of the morning on some USA booking stuff then start getting the smoker ready for tonight’s bacon-wrapped pork loin.

While the smoker’s doing its thing I get some online promo done then go back to the house to make some prawn spring rolls for our starter. The pork seems to reach temperature a lot quicker than usual, so I keep it on the smoker for a little while longer…don’t want to risk making our guests ill with under-cooked food.

Sheena, Paul, Annie and Elsie rock up just after 7pm and we sit and chat over some bubbly and beers.Sheena fed the girls before they left home so I put a film on for them and we sit down to eat.

It’s one of those nights where it’s suddenly after 2am…but we haven;t seen these guys in ages, so there’s lots of catching up.