THERE’S a few interesting projects coming out of Glasgow and I register my interest in one of them. May go nowhere, but worth a try.

I have a quite a lot of online promo to do for upcoming shows and spend the rest of the morning getting everything up to speed. In between times, Line 6 have brought out a new, bottom of the range, cheap wireless system – the G10.

When I say bottom of the range I don’t mean in build or quality…it just doesn’t have a whole load of built-in extras like tuners and A/B switching. I only use my existing unit to send/receive the guitar signal and I like the simplicity if the G10 – and the fact that there’s no patch cable…and even moreso, the fact that the transmitter plugs into the receiver to charge. Neat.

Having sold the guitar amp, I can afford (just?) to order one and give it a whirl. It will coincide with the AX8 coming this week so I can try everything out without having to dismantle my exisiting pedalboard. Like the AX8, if it’s crap or I don;t like it, it can go back!

After lunch I spend a few hours on the USA booking. I need to pull in all my contracts and start gathering other documentation in support of my O-1 visa petition/application.

Fresh air calls…and I need to do a couple of facebook Livestreams – one to my personal profile and the other to my music page – so I take a walk up the lochside to my favoured ‘decent 4G connection spot’ and do the livestreams.

I realise I’d scheduled a catch up with my pal Rab on the phone,so sit down on the lochside and do just that.

On the way home I meet Margaret at Betty and Joe’s and my alcohol-free day plan is bust within minutes!