I BLITZ the routine jobs as fast as I can ‘cos I need to spend some time with the Fractal AX8.

Everything’s still rigged up in the studio and using the computer linked program/patch editor I start putting together some patches so we can put the AX8 through its paces in a real-life gig situation at the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen on Friday.

The more I mess with the AX8 the more I like it and by lunchtime I’ve got rough patches set up for my straight acoustic resonator sound, regular tuning guitar and amped resonator. 

Before I can go back to the studio i have some more digital contracts to get off to bookers/promoters in the USA. The SignNow online digital contract process really streamlines the contract exchange process which would be a nightmare using regular email and attachments, let alone snail mail! I need the contracts to support my forthcoming O-1 visa application.

Once done, I get back into the studio where I notice a couple of bars of 4G on my phone…so i do a couple of Facebook livestreams – one to my personal profile and another to my page (see below).

Then I get busy putting together a banjo patch and tweaking the switch configurations for each patch. We’ll fine tune them tomorrow when I’m hoping Margaret will come across to the studio and lend her ears.

Suddenly it’s time to go to Betty and joe’s for dinner, wine and to help with some projects…we have a grand, and productive, evening 🙂